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bg-chevron-sunflower-key-chain-bg-57kcp08a03 bg-chevron-turquoise-key-chain-bg-57kcp24a12 bg-chevron-turquoise-key-chain-bg-57kcp24si04a12 bg-chinoiserie-autumn-key-chain-bg-kc55-preset bg-chinoiserie-autumn-key-chain-bg-kc55 bg-chinoiserie-spring-key-chain-bg-kc56-preset bg-chinoiserie-spring-key-chain-bg-kc56 bg-chinoiserie-tangerine-key-chain-bg-63kcp15si00a02 bg-chloe-raspberry-key-chain-bg-69kcp02si02a07 bg-classic-check-chocolate-key-chain-bg-61kcp14si06a12 bg-classic-check-raspberry-key-chain-bg-61kcp02a03 bg-classic-check-raspberry-key-chain-bg-61kcp02si04a03 bg-classic-check-sunflower-key-chain-bg-61kcp08si04a07 bg-classic-check-sunflower-key-chain-bg-61kcp08a07 bg-classic-floral-blue-key-chain-bg-kc2-preset bg-classic-floral-blue-key-chain-bg-kc2 bg-classic-floral-brown-key-chain-bg-kc3 bg-classic-floral-brown-key-chain-bg-kc3-preset bg-coral-key-chain-bg-kc61 bg-coral-repeat-key-chain-bg-kc19 bg-coral-repeat-key-chain-bg-kc19-preset 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bg-stripe-kelly-bubblegum-key-chain-bg-kc69 bg-stripe-lobster-key-chain-bg-kc24-preset bg-stripe-lobster-key-chain-bg-kc24 bg-stripe-navy-lime-key-chain-bg-kc72 bg-stripe-navy-tangerine-key-chain-bg-kc71 bg-stripe-raspberry-lime-key-chain-bg-kc68 bg-stripe-red-navy-key-chain-bg-kc73 bg-stripe-starfish-key-chain-bg-kc26-preset bg-stripe-starfish-key-chain-bg-kc26 bg-stripe-tangerine-raspberry-key-chain-bg-kc70 bg-suzani-key-chain-bg-kc51-preset bg-suzani-key-chain-bg-kc51 bg-suzani-gold-key-chain-bg-kc50-preset bg-suzani-gold-key-chain-bg-kc50 bg-suzani-teal-key-chain-bg-kc52 bg-suzani-teal-key-chain-bg-kc52-preset bg-whale-key-chain-bg-kc77 bg-whale-navy-key-chain-bg-kc76 bg-wrought-iron-gray-key-chain-bg-32kcp23si02a19 bg-zebra-chocolate-key-chain-bg-39kcp14si01a10 bg-zebra-chocolate-key-chain-bg-39kcp14a14 bg-zebra-chocolate-key-chain-bg-39kcp14si01a14 bg-zebra-gray-key-chain-bg-39kcp23si01a17 bg-zebra-gray-key-chain-bg-39kcp23a17 bg-alex-houndstooth-black-key-chain-bg-kc48 bg-alex-houndstooth-chocolate-key-chain-bg-kc47 bg-alex-houndstooth-navy-key-chain-bg-kc49 bg-alligator-key-chain-bg-kc74 bg-alligator-blue-key-chain-bg-kc75 ||||||||||||||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||||||0||~~|^^|baabcotsweat||item.||page3||outsweat||https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/babyboxcom/baa-baa-sheep-cotton-sweater-28.jpg||||||"baa baa sheep" cotton sweater||SWT-DS-BAA-SW||babyclothing > outsweat > ||clothes > sweaters for baby and kids > ||106.000||106.000 ||||"baa baa sheep" cotton sweater||||||Usually ships in 2-3 weeks||1||1||1||0||||||||This precious sheep sweater is hand knit and very cozy. Hand knit from 100% soft cotton, this pullover sweater is of excellent quality and workmanship. An adorable little sheep covers the front of this sweater, sure to look adorable on any baby. A wonderful gift.
  • Hand made
  • 100% cotton
  • Machine wash and dry

    The sizing is as follows:
  • Size 6 Months- 10 1/2" length, 11 1/2" body width, 7" sleeve
  • Size 12 Months- 12 1/2" length, 12 1/2" body width, 8" sleeve
  • Size 18 Months- 13 1/2" length, 13" body width, 9" sleeve
  • Size 24 Months- 14" length, 13 1/2" body width, 10 1/2" sleeve
  • Size 2T- 16 1/2" length, 13 1/2" body width, 11" sleeve
  • Size 3/4T- 17" length, 14 1/2" body width, 12 1/2" sleeve
  • Size 5/6- 18" length, 15 1/2" body width, 14" sleeve
  • Size 7/8- 19" length, 16 1/2" body width,
  • Size 9/10- 20 1/2" length, 16 1/2" body width

    As this sweater is hand made, please allow additional time for delivery. Shipped directly from the manufacturer, not returnable custom item - gift box not available.||Color "White" "Navy" "Natural" "Pink" "Light Blue"|^|Size "6 months" "6/9 months" "12 months" "18 months" "24 months" "2T (+10.00)" "3T (+10.00)" "3/4 (+10.00)" "4T (+10.00)" "5/6 (+10.00)" "6T (+13.00)" "7/8 (+13.00)" "9/10 (+13.00)" "10/12 (+13.00)"|^|Neck "Roll Neck" "Crew Neck (as shown)"|^|Weight "Worsted (as shown)" Fine Weight (add $12.00)||||Sweeters||http://www.babybox.com/baabcotsweat.html||||||||0||||||SWTBAA-SW||||New||||||||||Sweeters||||0||~~google-base-product-type~~Apparel & Accessories > Clothing > Baby & Toddler Clothing > Baby & Toddler Tops~~|^^|boodiapercover||item.||page3||hadicoset||https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/babyboxcom/boo-halloween-diaper-cover-30.jpg||||||"boo" halloween diaper cover||CAB-DS-BOODC||giftsbyprice > halloweengifts > hadicoset > ||gift finder > baby halloween clothes & gifts > halloween diaper cover set > ||19.000||19.000 ||||"boo" halloween diaper cover||||||Usually ships in 2-3 weeks.||1||1||1||0||||||||Featuring "boo" Halloween diaper covers for your sweet little pumpkin on their first Halloween.||Size "3-6 Months" "6-12 Months" "12-18 Months" "18-24 Months"||||Cute as Buttons||http://www.babybox.com/boodiapercover.html||||||||0||||||CABBOODC||||New||||||||||Cute as Buttons||||0||~~google-base-product-type~~Apparel & Accessories > Clothing > Baby & Toddler Clothing~~|^^|bhaset||item.||page3||halloweengifts||https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/babyboxcom/boo-halloween-layette-set-28.jpg||||||"boo" halloween layette set||CAB-DS-BOOSET||giftsbyprice > halloweengifts > ||gift finder > baby halloween clothes & gifts > ||55.500||55.500 ||||"boo" halloween layette set||||||Usually ships in 2-3 business days.||1||1||1||0||||||||Little Halloween trick-or-treaters will look so cute in this outfit. Perfect as a Halloween "costume", this set includes a onesie with matching bib and burp cloth decorated with Pumpkin, Candy Corn or Boo centerpiece. 100% high quality 100% soft cotton interlock onesie is just adorable. More than just a t-shirt, but an essential fashion statement for any baby.

    Sizes: 6 months (up to 14 lbs.); 12 months (up to 22 lbs.).

  • 100% soft cotton bib edged in picot.
  • 100% cotton burp cloths are edged in picot and so soft against a baby's skin.
  • Matching double layered receiving blanket trimmed in picot with embroidered design available as an option for additional $44.00

    Gift Box Available

    *Please click here to see some of our other festive baby Halloween costumes, baby clothes for Halloween and Halloween gifts Baby's First Halloween||Embroidery Pumpkin "Candy Corn" Boo|^|Blanket "Yes, (+$44.00)" "None Requested"|^|Pants "Yes, (+$20.00)" "None Requested"|^|Size "3-6 Months" "6-12 Months"|^|"Bib Monogram (Optional)" Inscription 11|^|Onesie "Short Sleeve" "Long Sleeve, (+$2.00)"||||Cute as Buttons||http://www.babybox.com/bhaset.html||||||||0||||||CABBOOSET||||New||||||||||Cute as Buttons||||0||~~google-base-product-type~~Apparel & Accessories > Clothing > Baby & Toddler Clothing~~|^^|hwisem||custom-item||page3||blauenfinlin||https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/babyboxcom/honeycomb-sweetheart-embroidery-crib-bedding-28.jpg||||||"honeycomb" 'sweetheart' embroidery crib bedding||BLA-DS-SWEETHRT||nursery > cucrbe > decrbe > blauenfinlin > ||baby nursery > custom baby bedding > designer crib bedding > blauen crib bedding > ||||||||"honeycomb" 'sweetheart' embroidery crib bedding||||||Usually ships the next business day.||1||1||1||0||||||||

    This beautiful crib bedding set is perfect for any baby girl. Shown here is a musical pillows however, these fabrics can be used to make custom bedding sets with any combination of our luxurious fabrics and fine embroideries to match or complement the linen ensemble. Available in several different color combinations

    Fabric & Embroidery:

    *For crib bedding pricing, please click here

    For more information and pricing for this custom crib bedding set, please contact one of our bedding specialists at 1.203.655.0185. Sets are custom made upon ordering and may be designed any way you like. Swatch samples are also available upon request.

    ||||||Blauen||http://www.babybox.com/hwisem.html||||||||0||||||SWEETHRT||||New||||||||||Blauen||||0||~~google-base-product-type~~Home & Garden > Linen > Bedding~~|^^|pickettsp-love-all-notepads||custom-item||page3||deskpads||https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/babyboxcom/love-all-notepads-23.jpg||||||"Love All" Notepads||PP-DS-HCBK01AN037||babygifts > giftsformom > babystationery > pickettspress > padspaper > deskpads > ||personalized gifts > gifts for mom > stationery & gifts > pickett's press > pads & paper > desk pads > ||40.000||40.000 ||||"love all" notepads||||||Usually ships in 2-3 weeks.||1||1||0||0||||||||

    "Love All" Notepads

    Our "Love All" motif makes a charming backdrop to your lists and notes! Available with your choice of color, font and text/monogram.||||||Pickett's Press||http://www.babybox.com/pickettsp-love-all-notepads.html||||||||0||||||PP-DS-HCBK01AN037||||New||||||||||Pickett's Press||||0||~~google-base-product-type~~Office Supplies > General Supplies > Paper Products > Stationery~~|^^|slbaslcuro||custom-item||page3||cu||https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/babyboxcom/sleep-baby-sleep-custom-room-71.jpg||||https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/babyboxcom/sleep-baby-sleep-custom-room-73.jpg||"sleep baby sleep" custom room||KIDT-DS-SLEEPBSLEEP||babyfurniture > cu > ||furniture > custom nursery and room design > ||||||||"sleep baby sleep" custom room||||||Contact us for availability||1||1||1||0||||||||

    **PLEASE NOTE: This room was custom designed for a client. For a limited time, when calling, mention code: BB-KIDTRPR, to receive a special design discount offer only custom designed Kidtroplis rooms for BabyBox.com customers. To design a room similar to this one to your own personal specifications, please contact us at 203.655.0185., ext. 11.

    This custom room designed by Kidtropolis entitled "sleep baby sleep" is what every little girl dreams of. Imagine . . . A little princes passes through a grand entrance into a room where beautiful, enchanting shades of pinks, greens, and yellows welcome her, ensuring she dreams of magical journeys and fairy tales.

    The room’s amenities create a personal and cozy space for this little princess: a fantasy carriage crib placed under a large oak tree with woodland animals watching over her, a cozy glider in which to snuggle and rock on late nights, and a beautifully upholstered floor to play on.

    In designing a nursery for your little princess or prince, there are five key components to consider: theme, focus, storage, growth, and safety.

    Theme – Knowing the sex of the baby can influence the theme of the room. However, the theme of a nursery can also be neutral to accommodate either not knowing the baby’s gender until birth or as a special nursery for all of the babies in a family over the years before the transition to their "big kid" room.

    The theme for this room is primarily "girl" and secondarily "princess." The main foundation of the room’s design is classic and traditionally feminine. The fantasy carriage crib is the singular element that introduces the princess theme and can be removed as she grows up and wants to add different elements. The entrance to the room, typically an overlooked element in any room, is a beautiful Dutch door with a mini-entrance just for her. This added detail adds to the theme and the overall design.

    Focus - Every room should have a main focus that brings the room together, whether it’s a mural, a piece of furniture, or another design element.

    The focus of this room is the Carriage Crib. It is centered against the wall under a large mural of a tree with kind woodland animals around it. Upon entering the room your eyes are immediately drawn to the scale and detail of this element, with the added touch of the soft fabric creating an illusion of a canopy. Every other element in the room adds to this focal point either directly - the woodland creatures holding the fabric of the canopy - or indirectly - by adding interesting color or texture around the crib.

    Storage - Every infant will accumulate so many things that it is absolutely imperative to consider additional storage for every day items as well as keepsakes or retired things.

    This room has closet organizers for every day items. The storage unit along the window wall is a playful set of letter blocks that open individually or as a group for large cubicle storage spaces. The unit was originally designed as a window seat and later developed into a highly useful and playful storage solution. This piece can be updated by simply removing the letters and replacing them with mirrors, colors, or other images.

    Growth – Some rooms are intended to stay nurseries for many years. Others will have to transition into toddler rooms, ‘tweenie rooms and beyond. Taking this transition into account when designing the room can save both time and money in the future without lessening the nursery feel. Later, consider changes to minor elements in a room for quick updates, including toys, pictures, bedding and fabrics.

    As this little princess grows up, the crib portion of the carriage can be removed and a toddler mattress inserted, quickly converting the nursery into a toddler room.

    Safety – A child’s room can never be too safe. There are standard precautions to take including securing all power outlets, keeping exposed shelving out of reach of little hands, and keeping any medicinal items in a secured location.

    An additional design and safety element in this nursery is the floor. The wall-to-wall carpet has been removed and replaced with thickly padded upholstered squares. The squares provide additional color and pattern in fabrics that coordinate with the window seat and valance. The effect is visually inviting and provides a comfortably padded floor for hours of playtime. It will also help keep the princess safe as she learns to walk.

    Whether you have an image of the nursery you want to create or you have yet to decide, starting with these five components will help you to create the room of your dreams for your little dreamer.

    After two years, it was time to make the bed a little larger. They took out the circular crib and dropped in a rectangular toddler mattress. This should give the child another year in the bed.

    **PLEASE NOTE: This room was custom designed for a client. To design a room similar to this one to your own personal specifications, please contact us at 203.655.0185., ext. 11. For a limited time, when calling, mention code: BB-KIDTRPR, to receive a special design discount offer only custom designed Kidtroplis rooms for BabyBox.com customers.

    ||||||||http://www.babybox.com/slbaslcuro.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||||||0||~~google-base-product-type~~Home & Garden > Linen > Bedding~~|^^|bisbrcokitwi||custom-item||page3||vadaygi||https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/babyboxcom/baby-shower-favor-coffee-kit-w-heart-scoops-set-14.jpg||||||"Sweet as Can Bee" Personalized Clover Honey (Set of 12)||KA-DS-19018NA-KIT||giftsbyprice > vadaygi > ||gift finder > valentines day gifts > ||54.000||54.000 ||||"Sweet as Can Bee" Personalized Clover Honey (Set of 12)||||||Usually ships in 2-3 weeks||1||1||1||0||||||||

    The buzz on the street is that this Kate Aspen delight is a honey of a baby shower favor! Practical and personalized, our mini jar of mouthwatering, gourmet clover honey is ready to thank your guests and sweeten their lives in a tasteful way.

    Features and facts:

    ||Quantity "- Select -" "Set of 12" "Set of 24, add (+$54)"|^|"Text Line 1 (20 characters)" inscription 20|^|"Date (10 characters)" inscription 10||||Baby Aspen||http://www.babybox.com/bisbrcokitwi.html||||||||0||||||BA19003||||New||||||||||Baby Aspen||||0||~~google-base-product-type~~Arts & Entertainment > Party & Celebration > Party Supplies > Party Favors~~|^^|animal-muffin-mix-favor||custom-item||page3||bashfa2||https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/babyboxcom/personalized-baby-shower-favor-animal-muffin-mix-23.jpg||||||"UNEXPECTED TREASURES!" FAVOR TIN - BABY (SET OF 12)||EVB-DS-14030||babygifts > giftsformom > bashfa2 > ||personalized gifts > gifts for mom > baby shower favors > ||30.000||30.000 ||||"UNEXPECTED TREASURES!" FAVOR TIN - BABY (SET OF 12)||||||Usually ships in 5-7 business days||1||1||0||0||||||||Your guests will have fun guessing the mysterious surprise they’ll find within these adorable “Unexpected Treasures!” favor tins. You’ll have fun choosing what goes in them and on them. Fill your tins with anything you’d like—mints, chocolates, potpourri, your vows or seashells to complement a beach wedding.

    Then personalize each favor with your choice of many distinctive covers that wrap around the tin.

    The 1.75”-square tin comes with a sheer organza bow pre-tied to save you time as you prepare for your event. Sold as a set of 12 and some assembly required.||Quantity "- Select -" "Set of 12" "Set of 24 (+$30)" "Set of 36 (+$46)"|^|"Enter Label Color" inscription 20|^|"Enter Label Design" inscription 20|^|"Enter Personalization Line 1" inscription 20|^|"Enter Personalization Line 2" inscription 20|^|"Enter Personalization Line 3" inscription 20||||Event Blossom||http://www.babybox.com/animal-muffin-mix-favor.html||||||||0||||||EVBEB2040A||||New||||||||||Event Blossom||||0||~~google-base-product-type~~Arts & Entertainment > Party & Celebration > Party Supplies > Party Favors~~|^^|-------div-align---center----font-face---times-new-roman||item.||page3||index||||||||*||||||||||||||||||||Usually ships the next business day.||0||1||0||0||||||||||||||||||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||||||0||~~|^^|1-arm-gold-wall-sconce-with-shade||custom-item||page3||kidssconces||https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/babyboxcom/1-arm-antique-gold-wall-sconce-w-taupe-vine-dangle-shade-13.jpg||||||1 arm antique gold wall sconce w/taupe vine dangle shade - not available||JB-DS-820001-93437||nurserydecor > lighting > kidssconces > ||nursery decor > nursery lighting > kids sconces > ||134.000||134.000 ||||1 arm antique gold wall sconce w/taupe vine dangle shade||||||Contact us for availability||0||1||0||0||||||||

    This Antique Gold 1-arm wall sconce with taupe vine dangle shade boasts scrolling detail with just a touch of sparkle in it's french cut crystals. Taupe tulle covers this scalloped edge shade. The tulle is delicately embroidered with matching thread as well as silver sequins. The bottom edge is lined with bead and pearl dangles. It is an eyecatching addition to your room.


    This item is custom made for each order and ships directly from the designer. Please note: custom made or custom ordered items are non-returnable.

    *At this time, we are offering Complimentary Ground Shipping on all Lighting Orders. Please enter coupon freeship at check out.

    ||"Number of Sconces" One "Two, add (+$124.00)"||||Jubilee Collections||http://www.babybox.com/1-arm-gold-wall-sconce-with-shade.html||||||||0||||||82000193437||||New||||||||||Jubilee Collections||||0||~~google-base-product-type~~Home & Garden > Lighting~~|^^|1-2-3-blast-off-with-me-book||custom-item||page3||booksandmusic||https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/babyboxcom/1-2-3-blast-off-with-me-personalized-book-203.jpg||https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/babyboxcom/1-2-3-blast-off-with-me-personalized-book-237.jpg||https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/babyboxcom/1-2-3-blast-off-with-me-personalized-book-205.jpg||1-2-3-blast off with me personalized book||ISM-DS-BK270||booksandmusic > ||baby keepsake books > ||38.000||38.000 ||||1-2-3-blast off with me personalized book||||||Usually ships in 2-3 weeks||1||1||0||0||||||||The newest personalized board book for 2013, is the 1-2-3 Blast Off with Me! book. This personalized board book teaches your child basic concepts of letters, numbers, shapes and colors in an exciting new way! This adorably illustrated book comes personalized with your child's name and photo on the cover and throughout the book. 1-2-3 Blast Off with Me! is a board book made with thick, durable pages perfectly suited for young, curious children.

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